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How to Become a Medicare Pro

Hi and welcome to my blog!  This blog was created for one purpose: to teach and train people how to help the Baby Boomer generation with their Medicare needs.  As you probably already know, the Baby Boomers are now turning 65 at a rate of 10,000 Baby Boomers per day!  The first baby boomers officially started turning 65 in January of 2011, and that is going to continue for 19 years!  The opportunity that exists to earn income by helping these people with their Medicare options is incredible.  Let me explain.

First, let's discuss what these baby boomers are going through as they turn 65.  About 6 months before their 65th birthday, they start to receive tons (and I mean tons) of stuff in the mail about their upcoming Medicare eligibility.  So they start to get a little anxious.  They know it's coming up, but most of them don't really know what to expect.  Some of them start to read through the materials they're getting in the mail and quickly become overwhelmed.  Others just put all of that stuff aside and don't look at it until they get their Medicare card in the mail (usually 3 months before their birthday).  Regardless, the majority of these baby boomers that are turning 65 are confused by Medicare.  The need help understanding how Medicare works and what their options are.

That's where YOU and I come in!  I've been insurance licensed for several years, and I learned early on in my insurance career that the Baby Boomer "wave" was coming.  So I took steps to develop a system of getting in front of as many of these people as possible about 4 or 5 months before their 65th birthday to offer my service of explaining Medicare and presenting them with their options.  I'll discuss my system shortly, but at this point, you need to know that in order to earn income doing what I described above, you need to obtain an insurance license in your state.  The insurance industry is highly regulated (for the protection of the public), so it requires that you attend an insurance licensing course, take and pass the exam, and submit to a background check.  (Here in Florida, where I live, the appropriate license is the 02-15 license, which is Life, including Variable Annuity and Health.  You will need to research what the equivalent license is in your state and find out what steps you need to take to get licensed.)  I mention this not to scare you, because it's not that difficult to get licensed, but rather to impress upon you that this is a legitimate business career, not a get-rich-quick scheme.  I'm going to show you how you can earn a phenomenal income with that insurance license.

Let's start by discussing the income potential that this opportunity offers.  When you help someone with a Medicare plan, whether it be a Medicare Supplement (with a separate Prescription Plan) or a Medicare Advantage Plan (with the Prescription Plan built in), the average commission you earn per client is about $200 FYC (first year commission), and then after the first anniversary, you get renewals of approximately $145 per year for another 5 years.  So each Medicare client you help is worth at least $925 of income to you.  Assume you help only 4 clients per week.  That's 4 times $200, or $800 per week.  (If you sign up for my training class, I'll show you how my system will help you get much more than just 4 clients per week, but let's use that example for now.)  So $800 per week is $3200 per month, or $38,400 per year in the first year.  Then in Year 2, assuming you help just 4 clients a week, you earn the same $38,400, plus now you have the first year of renewals for the clients you helped in Year 1, which is approximately another $27, 840 (that's the $145 annual renewal per client times 192 clients you helped in Year 1).  So your Year 2 total income will be $66,240.  Then in Year 3, assuming nothing changes, you earn the same $38,400 by helping just 4 clients a week, plus now you have two years of renewals.  Your total income in Year 3 will be $94,080.  This continues for a total of 6 years.  In Year 6, you have your $38,400 of first year commission from helping just 4 new clients a week, plus you now have the full 5 years of renewals, for a total income of $177,600!  In year 7, assuming everything else stays the same, the renewals from your Year 1 clients now drops off, but you continue to earn your first year commissions plus 5 years worth of renewals every year for as long as you remain in the business.

Here's another very important thing for you to know.  What I just described above is the minimum income potential for someone who decides to get into this business, but doesn't want to work very hard.  Helping just 4 clients a week is minimal, and that's just Medicare sales.  Keep in mind, with your insurance license, you can help these same clients with a whole set of additional products that Baby Boomers need.  For example, one of the biggest concerns for Baby Boomers today is outliving their money.  Annuities are insurance products that help people ensure that they never outlive their money.  Annuities provide guaranteed income for life, while protecting their principal.  Another huge concern for Baby Boomers today is who is going to take care of them when they get older and can't take care of themselves?  Most of these people do not want to be a burden to their children, but nursing home care is very expensive.  With your insurance license, you can help these folks by providing Long Term Care insurance that will pay for their care either at home or in a nursing home.  The last major concern for Baby Boomers that I'll discuss is leaving a legacy to their children and grandchildren.  Many Baby Boomers are unable to leave much of a financial legacy to their heirs because it's a lot more expensive to survive your retirement years than it used to be in the past.  Inflation has far surpassed any increases in Social Security income, so many people end up using all of their money in retirement and don't have much left over when they die to leave as an inheritance.  You can help these people by providing affordable life insurance solutions that will leave a tax free death benefit to their loved ones.

There are many other solutions you can provide to the Baby Boomers with your insurance license, but I don't want to take up too much of your time going into that now.  Just know that with your license, you have the ability to help these people in many different ways, and your income skyrockets accordingly.  For example, let's say you help a Baby Boomer with their Medicare coverage.  You earn approximately $200 with that sale (plus 5 more years of renewals like I mentioned earlier), but then you discuss these other areas of concern that they have and you end up finding out that they have $100,000 in CD's in a bank earning less than 1% interest.  You help them by putting that money in an annuity, where their money is just as safe, earns a higher return, and that return is tax-deferred.  Most annuity sales pay an average of 3.5% commission.  Now you've earned another $3,500 of income from the same client.  Keep in mind, by helping just 4 clients a week with their Medicare coverage like I mentioned above, you're gaining 192 new clients each and every year (minimum!).  That's 192 new people each year that you have to discuss these other solutions with (life insurance, annuities, long term care, etc.).  And you'll also learn very quickly that each of those clients has friends and family members that have the same concerns, and by learning to effectively ask for referrals, you'll continue to gain more and more clients all the time.  Be prepared to invest in a file cabinet and lots of folders, because your client files will eventually take up a lot of space!

So now the main question that's probably on your mind is:  How do I get started and what do I do next?  Well, the first step is to start looking into getting your insurance license.  You can Google "Insurance License in (fill in your state)" and research it from there.  The next step involves my system of getting new Medicare clients.  I mentioned earlier that I developed a system of finding new clients.  Without an effective system, it's impossible to consistently grow your business or even get the minimum 4 new clients per week.  My system provides the following:

1) A way to easily create a list of people who will be turning 65 month by month in the near future.

2) A proven, effective script of what to say to Baby Boomers that are turning 65.  (Keep in mind that these people are getting bombarded on a daily basis by stuff in the mail, phone calls, etc.)  My script is proven effective in making you stand out as the local expert, and is non-threatening, and non "sales-y".  It puts these people at ease and creates a dialogue which makes it easy to set an appointment to speak with them in person.  In addition to this awesome script, my system also uses traditional marketing such as postcards (to get the attention of those people that don't want to talk to anyone), as well as technology (drip marketing campaign and a website that actually gets these Baby Boomers to contact me and ask for an appointment).  It doesn't get any easier than when your prospects are contacting you for an appointment!

3) Once you set the appointment, now what do you say?  My killer presentation is the secret to how I close over 80% of my appointments the very first time I meet with them, which is unheard of in the industry.  My presentation explains exactly how Medicare works on one easy to understand sheet of paper, and what their coverage options are on another sheet of paper.  It's incredibly effective because it quickly takes the confusion out of Medicare, which has had them confused and anxious for a while.  Of the 20% I don't close on the first, appointment, I usually close half of those on a second appointment.  That's just because some people just don't feel comfortable buying anything on a first appointment no matter how good it is.  They simply need time to sleep on it.  But the reason such a small percentage of the people I meet with need time to think about it is because my Medicare presentation is so effective and helps them understand Medicare so well, that the vast majority of them don't need additional time to think it over.  After meeting with me, now they know what their options are, and they're ready to make a decision.  The fact that their Medicare start date is approaching fast also helps by not allowing them to waste time.  Most Baby Boomers that are about to turn 65 need to make a decision soon.

4) After you make the sale, then what?  Now you need a follow up system to keep yourself fresh in the client's mind as not just the Medicare expert that they can turn to for answers, but the financial expert that can help them with the other concerns that they have.  My proven system keeps you in the forefront of their mind with effective drip marketing and postcard campaigns that make it easy to set follow up appointments to discuss things like annuities and long term care, as well as ask for referrals.  Basically, after the initial Medicare sale, it's all about growing and nurturing that client relationship and strengthening the trust they placed in you with the initial Medicare sale.

That's it.  A simple 4 step process: 1) Get a list of Baby Boomers turning 65. 2) Set the appointment. 3) Do the presentation/make the sale. 4) Follow up.  Nurture the relationship.  Get referrals and sell additional products that they need.

It sounds simple enough, but without a proven system, it's extremely difficult for some and downright impossible for most to really become successful.  My system makes it easy so everyone can be successful at it.  After I came up with this system, I spent a couple of years fine-tuning it to make it even more effective and to make it where it became super-efficient to save me lots of time.  Time that I can spend doing the other things I love like spending time with my family, fishing and playing golf.  I live in Florida, and that's what it's all about!

If you think this type of opportunity is for you, then you need to sign up for my online training class. You can sign up by clicking the "Buy Now" button in the upper right corner of this page.  First, you'll need to click the down arrow to view additional class dates and choose the date and time that you want to attend before you click the "Buy Now" button.  Otherwise, it will default to the date and time at the top of the list.  After you register for a class, you will receive the class invite with a link and instructions on how to sign in for the class.  The cost of the class is $99, payable via PayPal.

One thing you need to know, and this is very important, is that this is not one of those training classes that teases you with a bunch of hype about how you're going to make a bunch of ridiculous money, but never really gives you any real information or training.  We've all been to one of those classes, right?  They get you excited, and then try to upsell you on the next class that costs $2,499 and teaches you the "real stuff" you need to know or the "nuts and bolts" that you need to implement in order for the system to work for you.  That's not what I do and that's not what I'm about.  What I teach in my class is EVERYTHING you need to know to get the results I mentioned above.  There is no other class that I teach for an additional fee afterward.  I give it all to you step by step with all the materials you need to be successful in just one class.  Keep in mind that just one Medicare sale pays for the $99 class fee and leaves you with an additional $101 profit.  You'll quickly see when you attend my online class that just my script and the one page Medicare explanation/presentation is going to be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars to you as you embark on this new opportunity.

Don't delay!  Sign up today.  Class space is limited.  As an added bonus, anyone who registers for the class through this page will get an additional 30 minutes of one-on-one training with me on the phone.  This is your opportunity to ask any questions you have, go over each of the tools in more detail, practice the Medicare presentation or the scripts, etc.  Whatever you want to cover, it's up to you.  It's personalized training.  I normally charge $50 for a half hour personal training session, but you can get it for free by signing up through this blog page.  Don't miss out!  Take advantage of this offer.

Hope to see you soon in one of my classes!


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